Layla Weighted Blanket – King Size – Luxurious 300 Thread-Count with Quality Stitching – Plush, Soft, and Washable – Deep Touch Pressure (DTP)

Our blanket gives Deep Touch Pressure (DTP), a gentle pressure across your body that feels similar to a hug. This helps release serotonin levels in your system, which is basically what your body uses to feel better. It also helps with tossing and turning, and has been proven to help restless people stay asleep.We believe that great sleep powers a positive attitude and energy during the day. So, when we find something that makes a lot of people feel snug as a bug in a rug, we’re on board. Weighted blankets have been used for decades to help people with anxiety and restlessness, and are now gaining popularity with all sleepers. – Smooth Bottom Layer: 300 thread-count 100% cotton for a clean, soft, easily washable surface. Quality stitching in a pattern of Layla-designed hexagon pocket quilts complements the look of your bed set.- Fleecy Top Layer: Sometimes you want to just run your hands over a nice, furry, soft fabric. The top side of our blanket is a plush, soft, minky fur, completely washable and so, so luxurious.-Clean, Quiet Fill: 100% small glass beads sewn between two layers of poly-fill batting keep the blanket evenly weighted but soft and quiet. Hexagon quilting keeps the weight spread evenly across the entire blanket.Our blanket is designed to give you maximum value and comfort. The 100% glass bead fill is lead-free and sandwiched between layers of quiet, soft poly-fill. Outside, two different fabrics – plush mink-like fur, and smooth, soft, cotton quilts – give you two choices in coziness. Completely machine washable and durably sewn, with three different sizes and weights to suit any sleeper.

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